Downtown Dallas Urban Photo and Video Shoot

urban youth downtown Dallas DFW photographer Andrea Palaia.jpg

I love downtown Dallas. I think it has a wonderful blend of grit and beauty. And when you pair some bad ass models with it, the result is magical. I had the pleasure of taking these photos at a Dallas meet up put on by DTX Street. Now I’m an introvert by nature so I’m always hesitant to willingly join in large crowds. And this meetup had a great turnout, there were about 50 -100 people there!

I arrived an hour into it which I find is the sweet spot as everyone is in action mode and things are happening. However, I arrived at the spot that the meetup was supposed to occur and no one was there. I kept walking around and was fortunate to see someone wearing a DTX Street shirt who pointed me in the right direction. Within a few minutes I was able to catch up with the group. I’ll be honest and let you know that as soon as I saw the amount of people, my inner introvert wanted to turn around and leave.  But I’m glad that I pulled out my camera and jumped in.

We walked around downtown Dallas and when everyone stopped in a parking lot, I was kinda bummed. There wasn’t anything interesting. As I was walking around trying to find something, I saw someone jump down… which brought my attention up. I quickly ran over and started snapping away. These shots are my favorite. I love the cold, hard, clean lines of the blue skyscraper which looks so larger than life with the models’ confident and bad ass poses.

When I had the opportunity a few months later to do a video shoot for The Modern Ninja, I immediately pitched that we shoot downtown. I spent 2 weekends visiting practically every parking garage in downtown Dallas until I found the one. And that fog was just a dream!