#Filmlife: I met an Astronaut!


I had the pleasure of being a camera operator recently for a documentary produced by Go Button Media for Curiosity Stream (a science themed Netflix of sorts). I’m not privy to divulge much about the plot at this time, but I can tell you that we interviewed some really awesome folks who are doing amazing stuff for the planet (and beyond!) and one of those interviewees was astronaut Steve Smith who went up to space 4 times and fixed the Hubble telescope. We hung out with Steve for 2 days out of a 5 day shoot. He was soooo nice. On the second day, we filmed him in his vintage Corvette driving around the greater Bay area for some b-roll.

This documentary was shot in beautiful San Francisco and it was a great experience working with the Go Button Media team and Northern Pine Productions as well as our super talented and smart interviewees. There are many things I love about my job as a camera operator (for this shoot) / DP and that is meeting new people & hearing their stories. I don’t want to spill any further beans so I’ll leave you with some fun behind the scenes photos.