Jack Daniels Falling Snow Winter Themed Photoshoot

When a flour photo shoot with a friend turned into an epic (albeit fun) failure, I was determined to do some additional tests to see what went wrong and how to fix it. Since I didn’t have a model this time, I used a random bottle of Jack Daniels as my subject. I set up my trusty small table outside as things were gonna get messy. For the background and the bottom surface, I used black foam core. Although it was sunny outside, I didn’t want to use the sun as my light source as it was too omni-directional and also I was using the black foam core as my backdrop so I wouldn’t be able to use them as flags to cut light. So it was off to a shady spot. Even though I was in the shade, the sun’s light was still creating a lot of ambient light which would have provided enough light for a still photo. But as I was going to be playing with high shutter speeds, I needed to bring in some more light sources.

I used my favorite Savage LED temp controlled light panels in a 3 point lighting set up with the the left side and top/back light set to 3200k or the cool temp and the right light set to 5000k or warm temp. All lights were set to maximum brightness.

The top photo was shot at 1/420 so there was still a little motion blur of the flour which is what kept happening with the flour shoot with my friend. But I wanted to capture the flour mid action crisp and clear, so I needed to up the shutter speed. With a bump up to 1/3200, the flour particles got that frozen in place look- woohoo! Now I’ll just need to go and try it again with my friend. Stay tuned!