Ketel One Falling Snow Winter Themed Photoshoot

This is my 3rd attempt at a flour shoot. If you’re just joining in, I’ve been a little obsessed with flour shoots lately that all started when a flour photo shoot with a friend turned into an epic (albeit fun) failure. The first test shoot I did was with a Jack Daniels bottle against a black background. The initial shoot I did with my friend was a monochrome theme with her fair skin against a white backdrop wearing a white robe. In the Jack Daniels test, I figured out what shutter speed I need to be at to get the frozen in air look with the flour (1/3200). So now I was ready to test the monochrome look again taking with me what I learned from the Jack test. I used 2 white foam cores this time as the bottom ground and background and used a vodka bottle since it is light in color.

To keep everything the same as the initial flour test with my friend and the Jack Daniels test, I filmed at the same later afternoon time outside but in the shade. The sun’s light was still creating a lot of ambient light which would have provided enough light for a still photo. But as I was going to be playing with high shutter speeds, I needed to bring in some more light sources.

I used my favorite Savage LED temp controlled light panels in a 3 point lighting set up with the the right side and top/back light set to 3200k or the cool temp and the left light set to 5000k or warm temp. All lights were set to maximum brightness. Initially, I just played with the different color temps on the lights. But after a while, I decided to spice things up and add 2 blue color gels, one on top of the white light in the top/back light and one on the left set to the 5000k warm light.

I do really like the shots with the blue gel as it helped the flour to stand out and gave the shots a cool, editorial vibe. Now that I’m comfortable with the lighting and shutter speed, I’m ready to test this again with a person. Stay tuned!