Product Commercial Broll Video

I was itching to do a product broll video so I turned to my trusty random bottle of Jack Daniels for this product broll video shoot. It’s funny cause we don’t drink alcohol and the gifter who gave it to us I guess didn’t know that. When we got it, I wanted to get rid of it but I’m glad the hubs convinced me to keep it as it’s come in handy a few times.

My goal was to recreate the same look from this shoot minus the flour. Sounds easy enough right? That photoshoot was just that- photos- which were shot vertically and at a shutter speed of 1/3200. The black background really popped thanks to the high shutter speed which in addition to stopping motion mid action also darkens an image. The vertical orientation of the photo series also helped to maximize the narrow dimensions of the foamcoare background.

When it comes to video / film, we shoot horizontally. Often if a background works vertically, it may not work horizontally due to the wider format of horizontal video. Such was the case with this broll shoot. In order to not see the edge of the foam core, I had to shoot at longer focal length (55mm) which is limiting to a broll shoot as I find the most successful broll videos are ones that utilize different focal lengths to show the product from varying perspectives. But in this, I had to work within this limitation.

Another limitation is the shutter speed. When you shoot video, we are capturing motion which is recorded at frames per second (fps). To feel more cinematic, I shoot at 23.976 fps. To make sure the motion is smooth, the shutter speed needs to be roughly the double of the frame rate. If you’re shooting at 23.976 or 24 fps, your camera’s shutter speed needs to be 1/50. This shutter speed is quite slow compared to the 1/3200 that I shot the photos and as a result the camera’s sensor was more open and letting in more light. Which means that the inky black background that I enjoyed at 1/3200 was not so deep at 1/50 shutter speed which I had to have for the standard frame rate I was shooting this video.

I decided to incorporate a mirror as a surface to combat this as well as some heavy color grading in post to fix the color of the background. Overall this shoot was a good exercise in working with the materials you have and trying to make the most of it.