Working Man Photoshoot in Garage Workshop

welder photography Andrea Palaia.jpg

My husband hates being photographed, at least by me he does. So I was super surprised when he recently asked me to take some pictures of him. People and portraits in particular are my favorite subjects to photograph. This photo was a challenge in that I had to plan for the intense brightness of the welding light when setting up the shot. I also wanted the room to have some definition and not only be lit one dimensionally by the welding light.

We shut off all the garage lights. Then I brought in 2 LED panel lights – one was shone through the workspace window and the second one was a fill light next to the camera. A third light was placed on the top shelf shining down onto him.

I also used different shutter speeds to capture the welding sparks. The long shutter gave the sparks a streak or ribbon like quality. And the faster shutter speed gives a manic energy to the smoke coming off of the melting metal which I really like.

It’s so fun to be able to photograph people in their zone. What’s your workspace?