Director of photography Services I offer:

Director of Photography (DP) Service - $300 for 10 hour day: This Director of Photography service does include typical camera operation (please see below for what camera operation is not included). The role of the Director of Photography is responsible for leading the camera department in artistic and technical decisions related to the image on a production. With this package, the Director of Photography is also Cam A or main camera operator.


Services I don’t offer :

  • Editing: At the start of my biz, I used to offer a full production experience that included editing as well as shooting. I’m a damn good editor… I just don’t enjoy sitting in front of a computer for hours on end with no human interaction. I love being active on set and interacting with people so that’s where I’m concentrating my services.

  • Prop buying / renting: Here’s a secret about me- I love props! I think they are what makes or breaks a video. Props can be used to stage a set (also known as making your space pop!) or help tell a story. As each brand is unique, I would have to have a warehouse like in Raiders to house all the props if I purchased them for each shoot. So instead I ask clients to procure any props that the video shoot needs. Here’s a pro tip- buy them from a retailer with a generous return policy so that you can return them afterwards.

  • Concept Creation: Behind every great video is a great idea. We’ll know we’re a video match made in heaven if you also keep notebooks filled with ideas. My approach to video projects is becoming an extension of your team with my role bringing your video concept to life. In the first incarnation of this biz, I was coming up with concepts for clients in addition to shooting the footage and editing. I love wearing all types of creative hats but I soon discovered that my  filmmaking suffered when I tried to do everything. My concepts also did not always fit the brand as I did not know them as well as they knew themselves. This new approach is collaborative. As the head of your brand and a fellow creative mind, your video concepts will be in line with your vision and needs for your branding. And I can’t wait to bring those ideas to life.

  • Overall shoot coordination / scheduling, talent booking: Sometimes a shoot requires talent or a spokesmodel. I have worked with Alice Laura models before and highly recommend them if your shoot is going to need a model. I am usually a one woman band and need to keep my focus on creating awesome visuals, so I no longer provide any shoot coordination or organization services.

  • Steadicam Operation: Motion is the core of film / video work- it’s what separates us from our still photography friends. However, there are different levels of motion when in comes to filmmaking. Some are obtained handheld or with a tripod fluid head and small stabilization rig. This is my area of motion operation. Others call for larger scale stabilization through the use of steadicams, jibs, cranes and the like. If your production calls for something larger, a steadicam, crane, etc… operator will need to be hired as those are highly technical and skilled functions that those who are trained in it should be doing.

  • No weddings, never, ever: One service I will never offer is weddings. I’m not a wedding person. I don’t like anything about them and who wants to work on something they really don’t like?


What it’s like to work with me :

Video projects can last from 1 day to several weeks. Since we’ll be spending a lot of time together, it’s super important to me to make sure we are a good fit for each other. I don’t just want you to have an awesome video- I want you to have a next level collaborative experience.

I do things a little differently. I’m not just a contractor you hire for a video project and you’re not just a client. We are collaborative creative partners.

I don’t want to just show up, shoot and then give you a video and that’s it. I want to be an extension of your team. I’ll ask you for brand guides, Pinterest boards, YouTube video / film inspiration. I want to get in your headspace and fully understand your vision so that I can bring it exactly to life.

If you’re wanting to just shoot a video and don’t want to be a part of the creation process, we’re not the best fit. If you have strong creative visions that you’ve written in notebooks, on napkins and post it notes and you believe that preparation is the key to success than we’re a good match.

If you love Star Trek, Married with Children, mountain climbing, state parks, anti-heros and hot tea, then we’re a match made in heaven!

But if you don’t want someone to be a creative extension of you and your brand- it’s all good! You deserve to have the Director of Photography who will best match your needs, but that’s not me.

Communication is at the core of my client experience. I believe in clear communication where you never have to think you understood our last exchange, you know. I believe in responding to emails in a few hours or less. And when they’re after 5pm, you’ll get a response first thing in the morning. I won’t leave you hanging! It is through clear and constant communication that connection is built. Let's focus on creating together rather than just getting the job done.

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Working with me can be summed up in 3 ways



You know how you keep hearing me talk about collaboration between us? Well that’s because filmmaking at its core is a team effort. It’s all about the relationship between the visionary (you) and the creator (me) to make something great that connects with people. I do my best work when I’m having fun so having an environment where we’re comfortable and having a good time while working is my jam. You gotta be able to balance a good time with seriousness.



I am a communicator. It’s served me well in learning to speak a second language and when I worked as a secretary organizing big group events or informing the department of policy changes. When you work with me, you will not only get the video you need and want, you’ll be informed of the ins and outs of what it takes to make a great video. I don’t want to keep trade secrets. The more you know about me and my process, the smoother planning, production and editing will go to create the video you envisioned.



This video is more than a digital asset. It is an embodiment of your brand / vision. It’s why I’m obsessed with understanding your vision to the T. I don’t want to just make any ol’ video to get paid. I want to create value for your brand that will connect with your audience and help to grow your business / artistry.


if you’ve read this far- thank you! we’re going to be a great fit for each other.

But if you’re still unsure, I would much rather you go with another Director of Photography (DP) in order for you to get the best possible experience, because the experience you have with your DP strongly reflects how you feel about the video later on. I’m not trying to use mind games to get you to hire me. I want us both to be so pumped to work together that we’re telling all our friends and loved ones about this video project they become sick of hearing about it. Because that’s what you deserve from a DP.